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    ï»؟<p>Zhanlu strongest sword, forever and most people stand together. 16 years old, began to follow Qiu Zhanlu. However, the 18-year-old Qiu first defeat, lose at the hands of a place called the Dream Angels. Originally Zhanlu should follow that person because Zhanlu forever and victory together, however, the man refused. <strong>christian louboutin disocunt</strong> in triumph abandoned Qiu, abandoned Zhanlu. Since the start of the day, in fact, the earth at the same time abandoned christian louboutin shoes. Waited three years for a promise. Although it is known bitter, but Qiu really intend to comply with this promise down. 29 years, Qiu has been going to comply with it down. However, Qiu not want to wait three years, although only thirty days. christian louboutin shoes see the white. Qiu sword with christian louboutin shoes, once again came to a small stream.</p><p>He was surprised to see individuals standing in a small stream, looking at the water reflection trance. Waist oblique hung a sword. <strong>christian louboutin</strong> also swordsmanship? Qiu looked at him for a long time, but he was never to see a Qiu, Qiu then could not help but ask. Each passing here, christian louboutin shoes are and he talk to each other? Qiu replied three decades, in addition to Qiu, only this one pass here. The man answered Qiu original. christian louboutin shoes going to go? Qiu went on to ask. It depends on the circumstances. Then, the man is no longer ignores Qiu, went away. christian louboutin shoes heard the name Qiu? The Qiu Some sullen, shouted into his back. The man with his head did not return, continue to leisurely walk. Qiu stature of a turn, standing in front of the man. Young people, in the future the christian louboutin shoes Chuangdangjianghu the christian louboutin shoes can tell others, Qiu christian louboutin shoes due to christian louboutin shoes and drew his sword!</p><p>General master, I am afraid that now the **** can not move, the 18-year-old Qiu sword pick the world, is it not a child's play? At this time, although only a sword, but its underlying Murder is like the vast desert, boundless. <strong>christian louboutin us</strong> never drew his sword for no reason. But that seems to feel Qiu breath, take it lightly. christian louboutin shoes called Qiu. Qiu said stepped back and gave it to let out a reaction space, and a sword. Broken a thousand times more than the original Miles sand flooded the upcoming dry artificial creek, the sun disappeared and then again. Everything of this world is not the same as the original. The only man still the same. Qiu and previously did not make much difference, but, the hands of Zhanlu has like the wind silent invisible without a trace drift silently sand.</p>

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